AI in practice – use in recruitment

Artificial intelligence is not only relevant for high-tech large corporations, but can be a game changer for different companies of all sizes. Nevertheless, smaller companies in particular do not use artificial intelligence in their value chain, and effective use tends to be rare, especially in the midmarket. Why is that? Often, there is a lack of appropriate know-how on how and in which processes the technology can be used at all. In our blog series AI in practice, we focus on concrete use cases...

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Why can AI be a GameChanger?

Artificial intelligence is one of the key technologies of this century, and its use in everyday life will have disruptive consequences for people and their environment. There are numerous and intense discussions about this very question, to what extent the concrete application of AI will change the circumstances of future action and what potential it really holds. It is already impossible to imagine our everyday lives without AI, and people are supported by chatbots when an order is complained...

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Hallo Welt!

Willkommen bei WordPress. Dies ist dein erster Beitrag. Bearbeite oder lösche ihn und beginne mit dem Schreiben!

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